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Windows system acts as a bridge to connect hardware with software and enables computer to perform the right operations according to users' needs. There is one crucial component which stores all the information of system and applications on every Windows backed computer-that is registry. The registry is under constant access and modification from the moment you start the computer. It's inevitable that the registry data has some redundancy, errors and vicious manipulation due to the improper handling of software and files and exposure to the Internet without enough firewall defenses.

These seemingly tiny problems can slow down your computer speed, give your pc away to rogue software, cause error messages and even lead to system crash. To remove these terrible issues, it's essential to carry out a registry repair right after the problems occur. To complete a successful registry repair, you need a comprehensive registry cleaner to go through a chain of procedures including scanning, cleaning, compacting and backing up. Fortunately, Registrycleaner can accomplish them all quickly and reliably.

Before we start to tweak the registry, let's answer a question. Why is registry cleaning that important? Here are some aspects of its significance.

1. Registry repair prevents registry to expand exceedingly.
The more time your computer runs, the more information your registry obtains. An oversized registry will impact the system speed and influence your computing experience. The registry will be clean and slim after cleaning, which will drastically boost your system performance.

2. Registry repair deletes corrupted entries.
The frequent use of registry makes it vulnerable to some corruptions. Improper opening, closing of files, inappropriate uninstallation of software etc leads to the missing of some important registry files. Registry cleaning helps you fix these corrupted files and makes it easier and faster to access to files and software.

3. Registry repair shortens the system starting time.
With a clean and slim registry after an all-round tweak, your computer will surely starts faster due to the reading and accessing of fewer files.

4. Registry repair fixes system errors.
Registry problems lead to system issues like DLL errors, driver errors, ActiveX errors and code errors etc. The removal of faulty registry entries will help eliminate these problems.

5. Registry repair boosts system efficiency and stability.
Like we already know, registry errors can cause Windows to pop up error messages frequently, weaken the system performance and even lead to system crash. Therefore, an error-free registry is a key factor to guarantee the efficiency and stability of your Windows system.

6. Registry repair shuts off rogue software
In the current Internet age, your computer is interacting with thousands of information sources every day. Even if you have anti-virus software and anti-spy tools, it's not absolutely safe to surf the Internet nowadays. If you are unluckily targeted by some rogue software and fall for them, registry cleaning can help to remove those inserted vicious information inserted on your computer and return a healthy surfing environment to you.

Now that we've known the advantages of a successful registry repair, let's see how to use Registrycleaner and improve your computer performance.

First, load the registry cleanup tool and have a quick and overall scan on the whole registry. Thousands of registry errors will be found out in no more than one minute with this dual-engine registry cleaner. The scanned items are listed according to different categories to suit the needs of some users who want a refine registry repair.

If it's the first time that you use Registrycleaner, you can take an extra step before scanning, make a backup file of the current registry, if your system isn't improved dramatically or you find some problems after the registry cleaning, you can easily revert the registry to the previous version.

Whether you make a backup beforehand or not, the step after scanning is cleaning. The registry cleaner offers some advanced features to make cleaning faster than you expect. Select-all is one of them. With this function, you can tick all the mistaken entries with a simple click and clear them away in a moment. However, to some perfectionists, this method seems too easy and sweeping. If you happen to be one of these people, you will have your way to clean the registry errors as well! Notice that the categories by with the registry errors are inspected are shown in the left column of the interface, there is a red number after each category which means how many items are scanned in this category. You can choose to clean them category by category for higher accuracy and security concern. If you go the hard mode, the cleaning will take you ten minutes or so.

When Registrycleaner conducts cleaning task, it will automatically records the data modification of each operation. In this way, you can easily erase one certain operation or more if you find the fix not good enough. The undo feature can realize this partial reverting function. Just locate the specific operation you want to erase and hit start button, the earlier registry fix will be rolled back easily and reliably. Since registry is so important a part of the system, if any change is made carelessly and turn out to be a mistake step, it's highly required to revert that change that causes problem. Undo feature is an ideal way to achieve this reverting need.

Now you've already removed the unnecessary entries from the registry. The registry database is supposed to be clean. Nevertheless, there's an extra step to take to further improve the registry. Array the entries in good order and tight shape with the compact feature offered in Registrycleaner. Just like our disks need a defragment from time to time, registry needs to be compacted for smaller size as well. Some extra space will be liberated from the registry after applying this feature. The compact step itself won't take you much time, but a system rebooting is required to make the modification come into effect. If you are working on other files during the registry compacting procedure, make sure that all important files are saved or closed before system is shut down for rebooting.

You've entered the system now. Does it take less time to enter system after the previous tweaks? We hope the answer is yes. But right now, we suggest you to load Registrycleaner again to finish the last step, backup.

The registry repair shouldn't be limited to scanning, cleaning and compacting only, if you want an easier way to fix the registry errors next time, you can't miss the backing up procedure. Registrycleaner offers a way to save all registry files on another file for future retrieval. Unlike other registry cleaners, this tool does copy all registry related files besides reg files, which is a strong and reliable guarantee. The backing up process will only cost you several minutes, but the time you will save from the next registry repair is far more. The registry cleanup tool will save the backup file in a default file and name it according to the backup date and time; you can make some customized changes on target file and backup file name if you want to. After the backing up is done, you can close down Registrycleaner and enjoy the boosted computer performance for some days.

However, as the registry is under constant changes with the running of Windows, the old registry related nuisances will show up in one way or another. If you keep the good habit of making backup file after every registry repair, now it's your time to grin and solve them with the secret weapon! Open Registrycleaner and go to restore interface, tick the latest backup file that contains the clean and slim registry and start restoring. The registry will magically time travel to that restoration point when there were no annoying mistakes to bother the normal computer use. One click and a minute or two, and your registry will reborn as healthy as before.

Are you eager to experience all the convenient and reliable functions and make your computer always in prime state? Get Registrycleaner and start the registry management journey right now!

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